Mr. Verges’ experience in the mapping industry spans 37 years, and includes a technical background in photogrammetry, as well as 14 years of photogrammetric program/project management experience. His management and technical abilities are affirmed by certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute. Mr. Verges also holds a Bachelor of Science in Management awarded with Summa cum Laude honors.

Mr. Verges began his career as a primary aerial photographer in 1982. In 1996,  Mr. Verges was assigned as Aerial Lab Manager where he managed all internal production of imagery related projects to include aerial flight planning, film processing and scanning, ortho and simple rectified imagery production. He has experience using both analog film cameras as well as large format digital sensors. Over the course of the past 35 years, Mr. Verges has accrued more than 12,000 flight hours and has captured aerial photography on a multitude of flight missions. His extensive photographic background has resulted in the successful completion of thousands of aerial photo missions across the United States. He is experienced in all aspects of photogrammetric mapping, including LiDAR data collection and project flight planning, planning of ground control surveys, LiDAR data processing, digital image processing, AGPS data processing, GIS mapping, planimetric and topographic mapping, digital ortho-imagery production, and digital camera technology. In 2007, Mr Verges was instrumental in the implementation  LiDAR into Midwest’s aerial data collections and processing portfolio.

As Chief Operations Officer for Midwest Aerial, Mr. Verges continues to manage photogrammetric quality imagery and LiDAR data collection and processing. His management responsibilities also include overseeing all aspects of business development, project planning, flight operations, production scheduling and execution, delivery of digital or hard copy imaging products, Developing and updating QA/QC documents and procedures, new technology implementation, and product development.