Mr. Scruggs founded Midwest Aerial  in 1989. He is responsible for contract administration and contract negotiation for all aerial imaging, and aerial geodetic projects. His management responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of project scheduling, flight operations, deliverable digital or hard copy imaging products, new technology integration, implementation, and product development.

Mr. Scruggs has performed all duties relative to aerial image acquisition for image interpretation, photogrammetric mapping, and GIS data management services including: Aerial survey pilot, film and digital sensor operation, flight planning, weather forecasting, and training of individuals to perform these functions.

He helped develop the logistics of an airborne GPS system for precise camera positioning during file exposure, and the firing of the aerial camera at predetermined exposure station coordinates.   He has coordinated software development to incorporate customer needs with emerging technologies. He has also developed quality control standards and implemented quality control procedures and equipment maintenance procedures in airborne and laboratory functions.

In addition, Mr. Scruggs and Midwest Aerial were selected by Zeiss/Intergraph for the initial flight testing of all large format state of the art digital cameras, the Zeiss DMC (2000), Zeiss RMK D (2009), and Zeiss DMC II (2010) to test, prove and improve these systems before being released for sale on the world market. These systems are the workhorse for collecting precise data to produce mapping and geospatial products needed to design and maintain the nation’s infrastructure, energy production and energy transportation, and management of large land areas for emergency response, natural disasters, environmental, natural resources, and compliance of government contracts and regulations.

Mr. Scruggs was brought in as a consultant to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center when the Russian Federation ordered Zeiss DMC II 140 systems to be installed in their aircraft to be used in the international Open Skies Treaty for foreign reconnaissance. Midwest Aerial owned the only DMC II 140 systems in the western hemisphere.

Mr. Scruggs holds an FAA pilot certificate and can train personnel and perform in all flight crew functions.

Since 2012, Mr. Scruggs has been a member of a Vistage organization professionally facilitated advisory peer group to develop leadership skills and solve challenging strategic and operational business issues. Each member of the Vistage group is a   business owner as all serve as an advisory council to each of the members.

Mr. Scruggs has served from 2016 – 2018 as Vice President, President, and then Immediate Past President of the Eastern Great Lakes Region of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). The ASPRS organization is an academic, government, and commercial member organization and is responsible for setting standards for mapping and geospatial activities in North America and certifies individuals in the geo-sciences.

In 2019, Mr. Scruggs was elected to the Board of Directors of the Management Association of Practicing Photogrammetrists and Surveyors organization (MAPPS). MAPPS is the national organization of mapping and geospatial professional firms. MAPPS serves as an industry liaison and advisor to primarily federal government agencies on best practices and  geospatial capabilities of commercial firms who perform on government programs at all levels.

MAPPS also serves as an Advisor to members of the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, and their committees and staff on new and continuing geospatial programs for the nation.