Beginning in 2021, and for each year afterwards, we will choose the company’s
“OK-est” pilot. The inspiration to start this award came from an outstanding pilot,
Claybert “Clay” Pusung. Clay is originally from Indonesia and came to the United
States to follow his dream of becoming a professional pilot.

His pilot training was conducted at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s
Prescott, Arizona campus. After completing his aeronautical training in Arizona,
Clay joined the Midwest Aerial team. During his time at Midwest Aerial, Clay
brought many changes that had a positive impact on our flight workflows. Josh
Hammons, our Flight Operations Manager was so impressed with the initiatives
started by Clay that he began the Pilot of the Year Award in honor of Clay’s
performance with our company.

Each year, at our Christmas dinner/party will give the Pilot of the Year Award to
the individual most deserving to be the “OK-est” pilot of the year. The recipient
will receive a trophy to commemorate their contributions to Midwest Aerial. In
addition a plaque will be added to the Midwest wall in our office.